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I'll admit too. Yes, I love IA. Your fanart is quite cute. The way you colored that eye totally caught my attention like the other critique said. The lines are quite good yet I think it will be better if it were to be more thinner. The color scheme for every part of her concept is quite awesome. Carefully picked and matches very well. In Coloring, yep. You've won it. You matched the color with the correct angle of each shadow and I loved it. In Proportions, this is where we may have a problem. The legs are quite short like chibi. It contradicts with the body proportions. (Is this intentional? If this is intentional, then please forget what I said in Porportions.)
Overall, B+. It's very cute~! :D But you should practice about proportions. It may help you in your future work. Because of this art, I'm looking forward to your art next time. I hope you find my critique very helpful and useful. To be honest, I can't draw cute things. XD
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PearlDePalkia Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahh thank you so much for the helpful critique ; v ;<3
Nah, I accidently made the legs short ; m ; I'm not really good with them yet OTL :iconotlplz:
And thank you againn ; A ;<3
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